swift verruca treatment

SWIFT Verruca Treatment

SWIFT verruca treatment is the latest and most effective treatment for stubborn verrucae. SWIFT uses microwave energy delivered through a handheld probe to treat the virus with an approximate 76% success rate. Three treatments will usually be required, typically 4-6 weeks apart which may at times be uncomfortable or painful. No dressings need to be applied afterwards so you can continue normal daily activities and sport, including swimming.

SWIFT is suitable for most people, however there are some for whom it may not be appropriate, including pregnant women, children under 10 years of age, a low pain threshold and poor circulation and/or healing.

For further information we recommend you visit www.treatwithswift.com

If you are interested in SWIFT verruca treatment, then please call us and we can advise if it is the best treatment option for you or alternatively recommend alternative treatment options.

swift verruca treatment

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