ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are caused when a small spike or sometimes just an uneven edge of nail breaks the skin surface, causing pain when wearing shoes and hosiery.

Some nails are involuted (curved) and are prone to in-growing and there is often a family history of ingrown toenails.

If treatment is sought immediately then the offending spike of nail can be easily removed and the edge of the nail filed, usually solving the problem. However, in some cases, and especially if the problem is left (like those in the photos below) conservative treatment may no longer be an option. In this case we would refer you to our sister clinic, Theale Wellbeing Centre, for nail surgery.

Gentle and quick procedure of nail surgery is under local anaesthetic

Ingrown Toenail
Ingrown Toenail

At Feetwise Footcare we also offer nail bracing using the latest technology, Pedisafe. This is a light-cured gel, specially formulated for toenails.

It can be used to form a brace over the nail plate that will help to straighten curved nails that have a tendency to ingrow to help prevent further ingrowing.

Involuted Ingrown Toenail

Suitable for Nail Bracing

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