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Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal infection in the toenail (Onychomycosis) can cause discolouration and destruction or damage of the nail plate. The organism that causes it is usually one of the dermatophyte family (Trichopyton Runbum or Interdigitale) which are present on our skin. They are also responsible for causing Athletes Foot. The chances are high that if you suffer from bouts of Athletes Foot and you also have discoloured nails this will be because they are fungally infected.

At Feetwise Footcare we offer a ‘Five Minute Fungus Test’ which will tell you immediately if the toenail is infected with Dermatophytes. If the test is positive, we will discuss various treatment options with you.

A frequently successful topical therapy is the use of fenestration (creating small holes in the nail plate) followed by daily use of Lamisil Spray. It is however very important to be aware that the appearance of the nail may not improve, even if the fungal infection has been cured.

fungal nail test
fungal nail treatment

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